have been developed for transporting long, narrow goods.
Using telescopic boxes, you can transport long goods of 610 mm to
1800 mm in length.
Unlike conventional mailing tubes, the packaged goods can be
optimally fastened into this packaging for transporting, and no
additional costs apply for transporting rolled or bulky goods.

                                              Long - not pricey !

By extending telescopically, the box length can be optimally adapted
to the length of the goods.
- That saves void-filling material and space in the transport vehicle.
        Protegos Telescopic Boxes are
        currently available in 4 sizes.

        Two sizes telescope
         into each other. 
                                             PDF- Article overview
       This allows freely adjustable lengths from 610 mm to 1800 mm.
Two sizes telescope together by simply sliding one into the other, and form
a stable connection with overlapping flaps.
  Large cover flap –
makes filling easier
                        Perforated cut lines
                        for easy folding
   Closed ends          
   (folded over)
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