Dangerous Goods
is packaging for Class 9 dangerous goods.

Packaging for Class 9 dangerous goods, together with its dangerous contents, has to pass a fire test, also known as a type 6c-test or the
bonfire test.
Dangerous goods such as airbags or inflators (gas generators) can
explode in fire and become lethal projectiles.
The special Protegos 6c-Material allows you to ship critical Class 9 airbags and inflators conveniently and at low cost.
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We manufacture many types of packaging and accessories out of the special Protegos 6c-Material.
The task in every case is to use the most suitable packaging material to guarantee safe transportation of,
for example, critical airbags, inflators, seat belt pretensioners and other dangerous goods.

Either the entire packaging or only partial packaging is made of this material for this purpose.
Here are some examples -

The Protegos 6c-Material consists of double-wall corrugated board
featuring a steel grid between the flutes.

In the event of a transportation accident, the steel grid keeps the
dangerous goods within a defined safety radius, so that rescue forces
can safely extinguish the fire.
Packaging made of Protegos 6c-Material can be used as approved
UN dangerous goods packaging and requires no further outer
packaging for dangerous goods.

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